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                  accepts a variety of reusable building materials via donation, trade or purchase. Doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, tile, lighting, hardware, tools, lumber, flooring and vintage items are commonly accepted.


Materials are received at our store during normal business hours. In some cases we will travel to pick up your items.


For Select projects, we can assemble demolition crews to dismantle structures and/or remove fixtures.


Removing our local bowling ally's lanes. The 2" thick maple and yellow pine was made into many countertops, tables and work benches.

Donations:  Our Favorite... We happily accept your contributions of resalable materials. Continued generosity has made our business viable and the selling price of our inventory affordable.

Trade:  Some materials can be used in exchange for items in our inventory. Haul something away or receive a credit slip for use at a later date.


We can buy materials of greater value from you.


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